Women Makeup/Style

Service Name Time Price Book Now
Consultation Approx. 30mins $50.00 Book Now
Event Styling Approx. 50mins $125.00 Book Now
Makeup Approx. 70mins $95.00 Book Now
Makeup and Style Combo Approx. 130mins $195.00 Book Now
Makeup Tutorial Approx. 90mins $150.00 Book Now
Hairstyle Trial Approx. 60mins $75.00 Book Now
Bridal Approx. 180mins $350.00 Book Now
Trial Makeup Approx. 60mins $75.00 Book Now
Dress Up ADDON Approx. 30mins $30.00 Book Now
Strip Lashes ADDON Approx. 15mins $20.00 Book Now

Quick consultation to go over what you need for a service such as a big color change or an updo style for an event

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