Women Highlights

Service Name Time Price Book Now
Women - Custom Highlights/Bright fashion colors 124/HOUR Approx. 180mins $124.00 Book Now
Women - Customized Balayage or Highlights $134/HOUR(Accent/Partial/Full Approx. 180mins $134.00 Book Now

 Just Show us a picture and we will recreate , Highlights with free hand strokes or foiled to create dimentional Cool, warm or fashion colors in a very harmonious way. This service includes all the products needed lighteners, Toners, gloss, deep conditioner, styling , Application ,stylists time, expertise, years of experience. it is charged by the hour. 124/hour, This service ranges from 2 or more hours depending on the length, condition, density, and the desired look. No extra charge for density or long hair or any additional charge

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