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Just How Did “Cleo” Snag Marc Anthony?



We really don’t have the answer to that question but you can bet your boots she used every beauty trick in her papyrus scroll!

There is a multi-billion dollar industry out there all hoping to grab their fair share of your cosmetic budget. The truth is…

… You don’t have to spend mega bucks to look and feel good!


Beauty, or the lack of it, is pretty much a state of mind… well almost. If it were really “all in your head” you wouldn’t be wondering which of my 151 beauty secrets you are missing out on.

Here’s a sample:

  • What do you know about the newest treatment in skin therapy, laser resurfacing?
  • Did you know that an average human being loses almost a cup of liquid a day through their feet?
  • How to avoid bad hair days, forever!
  • A secret use for yogurt you probably never heard of.
  • What to eat that will block the growth of bacteria in your mouth AND prevent cavities?
  • What can you eat that will stop cramps?
  • Something you probably never thought of to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Things you never thought of to stop yeast infections
  • A way to clean your partial denture that will blow you away!
  • How to feel beautiful even when you’re pregnant!
  • Why you should read labels.
  • Ultimate facials we bet you never heard before!

There’s a whole lot more… all inside “Meena’s Beauty Secrets” after all. Why not find out for yourself. Review your copy now in your email and discover what you can do tonight to feel more beautiful!

And of course, don’t hesitate a second to call me if you have any questions — or would like some extra special care and pampering.

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