Body Waxing

Underarm Waxing

Is there a more sensitive part of your body than your underarm? Owe! Just the thought of nicking it makes you cringe.

  • Plus when you shave it just grows back in a day or so
  • We provide professional underarm waxing to keep you smooth and sexy longer.
  • Drop in for a quick appointment and your underarms will be smoother than ever. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about them for weeks!
Rate: $ 19

Full Leg Wax or Half Leg Wax

Want the legs that turn all the heads? Need to make sure they are smooth and soft for that special someone?

  • Then stop shaving them! Bumps, razor burns, plus it just grows back in a couple of days and you need to start all over.
  • At Lookin Good, we think everyone should have smooth and beautiful legs. That’s why we offer professional leg waxing.
  • In and out, you’ll have the smooth sexy legs you’ve always wanted.
Rate: $ 32-39

Arm and Hand Wax or Half Arm Wax

Okay ladies, it’s time to stop hiding those pretty hands and arms of yours. Put the long sleeves back in the closet and show off!

  • We offer a complete hand and arm wax that will leave you looking smoother than ever!
  • Plus when you wax instead of shave you don’t have to worry about embarrassing arm and hand hair for weeks.
  • Make an appointment today and start showing off your great hands and arms!
Rate: $ 28-34

Full Legs, Hands, and Arms Wax

Who has time to shave every other day? Not us! Plus all those bumps and nicks are embarrassing.

  • We offer full waxing service, legs, hands, and arms.
  • You’ll be smooth and sexy, and think about all of the time you’ll save when you wax instead of shave.
  • Come in or call for an appointment, you’ll look hotter than ever and have way more free time – time you can use to show off your great arms and legs!
Rate: $ 56

Bikini Waxing

If you want to look great in a bikini (or for that special someone) you need a bikini waxing.

  • When you wax your bikini line you will be smoother and sexier than ever.
  • Shaving causes irritating bumps, and you have to do it all the time.
  • Come in for a bikini wax today, it’s fast, easy, and lasts!
Rate: $ 34