Other Hair Services

Hair Styling, Straightening, Blow Dry Style, Full Curls, Up-Dos

Hair is delicate! Straightening, Curling, and Up-Dos need to be handled by the professionals to ensure minimum damage and that your look really lasts.

  • Our stylists can make your hair truly beautiful while keeping a natural and healthy look.
  • After you visit our stylists you will absolutely love your hair, and it won’t become brittle or split.
  • You can spend hours at home trying to get your hair right (often with poor results), or you can make a quick appointment with the pros – in and out, and with the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

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Shampoo, Set & Style

Does anything make you feel more pampered and beautiful than a shampoo, blow-dry, and style?

  • We don’t think so, that’s why we offer only the most luxurious treatments for your unique and gorgeous hair
  • Your hair will positively shine. As you know your hair’s health starts at the scalp, and our treatment really gets your hair “in shape.”
  • An occasional shampooing by the professionals is absolutely essential to keep your hair looking its absolute best, so contact us today for an appointment.

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Permanent Straightening Perm or Relaxer – Permanent Waving (Perms)

Nothing makes you sexier than a fresh perm! And the only thing better than a new perm is a perm that lasts!

  • Our stylists can give you the perfect perm to frame your pretty face, and best of all your perm will last.
  • We know everyone’s hair is different so we style a perm that is right for you, using products and techniques to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful.
  • Call us or stop by today, and discover all the wonderful ways we do perms.

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Henna Tattoo (Mehndi)

A Henna Tattoo is temporary artwork (usually lasting about two months) in a traditional Henna design, often floral or of Asian Mongol and Hindu influence – however Henna Tattoos can come in any design.

  • Our artists create some of the most beautiful Henna Tattoos you have ever seen!
  • If you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo, this is a great way to “try it out” first.
  • If you want to try a different look for a while or if you’re just curious about what Henna Tattoos are all about contact one of our brilliant artists today!

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