Spa Manicure

Spa Manicure with Skin Polishing, Paraffin, and Hot Stone Treatment
When you go to a spa you want the full treatment. We offer just the type of spa experience you are looking for.

  • Get a professional manicure, along with expert skin polishing to look smoother and even more gorgeous.
  • A luxurious paraffin treatment will give you the healthy glow you’ve been dreaming of.
  • And don’t forget our magnificent Hot Stone Treatment. Let your worries and stress just melt away with a hot stone deep tissue massage! Call today for an appointment.
Rate: $ 35


Your hands say a lot about you, so make sure they are saying the right things. We think your hands should be saying you’re a beautiful, classy lady.

  • Our Manicurists love making your hands more beautiful.
  • And we offer beautiful manicures that really last.
  • When it’s time for a professional, worry-free, and absolutely gorgeous manicure visit us or call for an appointment!
Rate: $ 25