Hair Treatment

Treatment for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Is your scalp occasionally dry or itchy? Do you have visible flakes you just can’t get rid of?

  • Most people experience dandruff now and then, if you have visible flakes, or if you experience any symptoms of a dry scalp, our Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment is the answer.
  • We treat with exfoliation, massage and healing products. We can eliminate your dandruff and give you beautiful healthy flake-free scalp and hair you’ve alway dreamed of.
  • Make an appointment today and stop worrying about your dandruff!
Rate: $ 50

Warm Oil Treatment for Dull, damaged, Frizzy, split-end Hair

Everyone’s hair is different, and everyone sees at least a little decline in hair growth as they age, men and women alike.

  • Whether you’re balding, thinning, or still have a full head of hair, getting a regular hair growth oil head massage can go a long way toward keeping (or getting back) a full head of rock-star hair.
  • Our stylists are all highly trained to identify your specific hair growth problem, Once in 2 weeks is recommended. so make an appointment and get a hair treatment with Steam and soothing massage designed around your hair.
Rate: $ 50

Deep Conditioning Treatment for dry, damaged, over-processed thinning Hair

Each day, a person sheds 50-100 hair strands. If it exceeds, then your hair needs to be treated.

  • A deep conditioning treatment with Steam and Massage is especially important if you color your hair, use hot tools, and use styling products. Damaged hair will fade and fall faster than healthy hair. A conditioning treatment for your hair once in two weeks will bring life back in your hair.
  • Stop worrying about your falling hair, leave it to us!. It is our job to treat your hair and it’s your job to sit back and relax and treat your hair.
Rate: $ 50

Keratin Frizz Erase Deep Smoothing Protein Treatment

Tired of trying to tame that frizzy hair? Look no further.

  • No matter what hair type you have, you can achieve sleek, shiny hair in just a couple of hours.
  • Get the best treatment for your hair type, length, and fullness!

Rate: $ 99/hour