Hair Coloring

You’re an individual, you’re you. Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t always say who you are.

  • Whether you need a complete hair coloring, something wild, something natural, or just want to cover some gray, you want the professional coloring that looks great and that will last.
  • We use only professional-grade coloring products to ensure the most vibrant colors with the absolute least damage.
  • Call us or stop in and find out how our hair coloring can bring out a better you
Rate: $ 65-95


Natural Dye Henna Hair Color/Conditioning/Gray coverage

Henna conditioning stimulates the hair and prevents hair loss and breakage.
  • After conditioning with henna hair usually looks brighter, sleeker, and the natural color is highlighted.
  • Known as a mythical herb, Henna, in fact, has an ancient history and was used originally by royalty; kings, queens (and the harem ladies) in India seeking healthy, strong, long beautiful hair with a softer feel.
Rate: $ 135