Eyebrow Threading/Waxing

If eyes are the window to the soul, then what are your eyebrows saying about you?

  • Well we know what they should be saying, you’re beautiful, smart, sexy, and have it all together!
  • So get it all together with beautifully done professional eyebrow threading. Unlike waxing, it does not remove the top layer of skin and can last over a month.
  • We promise your eyes have never looked sexier, so stop by or make an appointment today!
Rate: $ 15

Upper Lip, Chin, Forehead and Sides Threading/Waxing

Do you have a specific problem spot when it comes to unwanted hair? We all have some unwanted facial hair, and now there is a way to get rid of it that is much safer and more effective than waxing.

  • We offer facial threading either as a package or just for your problem spots. It’s superior to waxing because instead of removing the skin, threading only removes the hair.
  • And because the hair is removed by the root it grows back much slower and regrowth is usually scant
  • Stop by or call for an appointment, you won’t have to worry about unwanted facial hair for weeks or even months!
Rate: $ 8 each

Facial Threading/Waxing

Are you looking for a way to remove facial hair that actually lasts? Who isn’t right? Well we have the answer.

  • Facial threading generally lasts over a month, causes less irritation than waxing, is dermatologist recommended for acne, and regrowth is usually scant.
  • Our threading experts are highly trained, so you’re assured a thorough and professional job.
  • Make an appointment today, and get rid of your unwanted facial hair!

Rate: $ 45