Tik Tok Isn’t Just for Millenials, Hop-On Board for Surprising Beauty Hacks!

  1.  Follow these steps to get your makeup to stay on longer without creasing:

Jarida99 recommends the following makeup routine to prevent creasing: Moisturize, lightly pat translucent powder all over your face, spray your face with setting spray, then apply your primer after the setting spray dries, lastly apply your foundation of choice! This routine will stay on for hours and looks flawless!

2. If you don’t have a ring light for perfect pictures, search for “1 Hour Ring Light” on YouTube and take your pictures in front of your screen. You’ll have better results if you use your TV.

3. Use a tie-robe to make bombastic curls with no heat at all! We’ve covered this in our heatless hairstyles blog post!

4. Learn how to thread your brows yourself! At Lookin’ Good Salon, we do offer quick and easy brow threading sessions. Book now!


this is how I learned to thread.

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