The Benefits of a Keratin Treatment

If you’ve been getting your hair done long enough, you’ve probably heard of Keratin treatments. They’ve become extremely popular over the last couple of years due to the amazing effects they can produce.

Keratin is a structural protein found in your hair, skin, and nails and plays a huge role in protecting your hair from damage. The purpose of a Keratin treatment is to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy.

A major draw of Keratin treatments is that it eliminates frizz, leaving you with tame, glossy hair. Keratin treatments make styling your hair much easier if you usually have a hard time with it because of its textures. It’s hard to beat having shiny, manageable hair right?

A Keratin treatment is a chemical process, so if you’re apprehensive about adding chemicals to your hair, whether it has already been chemically processed before or not, feel free to ask us about the health of your hair! We will never purposely damage your hair, so ask any questions you may have for us about getting a Keratin treatment.

Once you get the treatment, it should last up to six months. Make sure to limit the amount of times you wash your hair per week and invest in Keratin-infused products for at-home upkeep. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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