How to Manage and Prevent Split Ends

Split ends. We all get them and they can be frustrating when trying to grow your hair out. Ultimately the best way to get rid of split ends is to get a trim, but if you don’t want to part with your hair yet, there are some great ways to manage your split ends and prevent even more from popping up.

Start by being gentle with your hair. It’s tempting to pick at a split end whenever you see one, but that can cause more damage to your hair. If you like to towel dry your hair, instead of rubbing it dry, use the towel to squeeze the water out. Roughly towel-drying your hair can easily lead to split ends and breakage.

The more stress you put your hair through, the more susceptible to damage it becomes. In addition to towel-drying, blow-drying your hair often is not great if you want to avoid split ends. Try to let you hair air dry as much as possible and if you do use a blow dryer, turn the heat down and avoid your ends. You will want to lower the temperature on your heat tools as well.

While there is no way to get rid of split ends without cutting them off, you can reduce the appearance of them by keeping your hair moisturized. Use a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically geared toward adding moisture. Consider incorporating a leave-in conditioner into your hair routine. A Keratin treatment will also do wonders for the health of your hair.

No one likes to deal with split ends, but knowing how to keep your hair healthy and getting regular trims will go a long way to prevent them in the future.

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