Heatless Hair Styles! Straight, Endless Waves, and More!

At Lookin’ Good Salon, we value the health of our clients’ hair over appearance, always. The integrity of the hair should never be damaged in pursuit of beauty. To wit, heatless hair styles are important because you have achieve the same beautiful hair with less heat and therefore less damage to your precious follicles. Here are some heatless hair textures! We love to teach our clients all about them so that they can do it themselves at home!

Heatless Curls

There are several ways to achieve those bouncy bombshell curls without heat. The most popular way is overnight hair wraps.

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This technique involves wrapping your hair around a soft rope. Take a soft bathrobe rope and microwave it to make it warm. Part your hair down the middle as if you are about to make pig-tails. Lay the rope on your head like so.

Next, take hair from the crown of your head at the top and wrap it around the rope. Go down your head and add more hair in with every twist. Do this until your hair is wrapped around the rope like this on both sides. Fasten the ends with scrunchies or hair-ties. You can cover your head in a sleeping cap overnight to reduce frizz.

When you take out the rope in the morning, reposition your hair and style it minimally to get beautiful heatless waves!

Heatless Straightening

Going from curly hair to straight hair overnight without heat is a little bit of a challenge, but not impossible to achieve. Use a smoothing product on your hair and comb your wet hair until its dry. Make sure to comb your hair all forwards so that when you flip your hair back, you’ll have volume left.

Some people elect to use jumbo rollers too. You can apply a serum and use jumbo rollers on your head and dry with cold air to get glass shiny hair.

Another option is to wrap your wet hair around your head and dry with cold hair or sleep on it. Start by drying your hair with cold air until almost dry, then grab sections and pin them around your head, wrapping them all around. Secure your hair with bobby pins with a cardboard like surface under them to prevent dents.

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