Haircuts for Different Face Shapes!

Every face shape has a unique, flattering haircut. Here are some haircuts for every face shape!

If you have a round face, try going for a lob or a pixie cut. If you have a square face shape, try a posh bob with choppy bangs. If you have a heart face shape, try some long wavy hair or a pixie cut with side-swept bangs. If you have a diamond-shaped face, go for an A-line bob or a shoulder-length hair cut and make sure to show off your forehead!

If you have an oval face, chances are that most haircuts look amazing on you, but you can still change it up by going for long wavy layered hair or a shoulder-length bob with layers. If you have a long square face, counteract the length of your face with lots of curls or shorter hairstyles shorten your face shape like a mid-length layered cut with straight bangs.

Always consult with your stylist about face shape, hair texture, skin color, and lifestyle factors that influence which haircut is best!

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