Hair Masks for Damaged Hair: Everything You Need to Know & Recipes!

Uh oh. You look in the mirror one morning and those pesky split ends are staring you in the eye. The frizz is giving you a mean glance. The dull and brassy locks are ready to fight. And so are you.

Ding ding! Hair masks walk into the ringer! A sharp uppercut, the body slam! It’s a K.O. for damaged hair. Hair masks emerge victorious, once again.

Jokes aside, hair masks are really are the winners when it comes to damaged hair. Of course, you could just chop it all off and start fresh, growing your hair out once again and that’s a great option. But if you still want that length of yours but no damaged ends and dull hair, deep conditioning, strengthening hair masks are the solution.

The key components of fighting damaged hair are: deep conditioning and shine. Our all-time favorite hair mask is coconut oil. You have probably heard something about coconut oil at some point, for good reason. Coconut oil helps to clear the scalp of any unwanted particles clogging pores, it restores vitality and shine to hair follicles and soothes split ends. You can combine 2 tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp of castor oil and heat in a microwave for around 20 seconds, just till it’s warm. Then apply to roots and massage into scalp and add more to the ends where hair damage is visible. Comb it through, remove the tangles. Leave this in your hair for at least 2 hours, best results after leaving it in overnight.

Another favorite is 4 tbsp melted coconut oil, a half mashed banana, an egg, and a couple squeezes of honey into your scalp for an hour or two before you wash your hair. This will leave your hair feeling thicker and less frizzy at the same time.

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