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How To Create The Perfect Sparse Eyebrow

written by: Meena Shah

Women who neglect to fill in their eyebrows can actually look up to 10 years older and that can really take a toil on your confidence. There is a saying that having thick and full brows can make you look 10 years younger, but this however can only work when done correctly. Many women who try to create a sparse eyebrow and fail windup feeling a sense of failure are many tips you can implement to make the entire process so much easier. Since your eyebrows crowns your face, it is vital to always fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil.

Tips On Creating The Perfect Sparse Eyebrow

– Use The Right Eyebrow Pencil

Choosing the right eyebrow pencil is crucial in order to make your brows appear natural and not drawn in. If you have dark hair, simply buy an eyebrow pencil that is three shades lighter than your hair color. If you have blonde hair, then purchase an eyebrow pencil that is three shades darker than your hair color. Using the right eyebrow shade is vital in order to have the brows appear natural.

– Apply The Pencil On In A Streak Motion

The second tip you should keep in mind is to correctly apply the eyebrow pencil in the right streak of motion. Some women tend to apply their eyebrow pencil with a strong hand and the wrong motion. Simply apply the brows in a streaking motion following the direction of your brows. When you apply the eyebrow pencil in a line motion, not only will it look fake, but it will also stand out from your makeup look in a totally negative way.

Do’s And Don’ts To Creating A Sparse Eyebrow

Don’t put too much pressure on your hand when applying eyebrow pencil to your eyebrows.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much because it can be quite difficult to make them appear full and thick. Remember the more full your brows are the better.

Do use a guide if you are unsure how you want your brows to be shaped.

Do brush your brows before applying eyebrow pencil so they are even and clean.

Do not worry about having super even brows. Remember that your brows should look just like sisters and not identical twins.

Do apply eyebrow pencil to the weaker brow you’re not so comfortable drawing eyebrow pencil on. This way, you can have the other appear more like it.

By implementing the easy to follow advice above, you will then be able to achieve a natural sparse eyebrow. The entire process can be much easier when you finally know exactly what and what not to do.

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