How To Go Around Your Boring Hair

written by: Meena Shah

Taking care of your hair can be an overwhelming challenge as you grow older. Years of exposure to both natural and chemical elements can cause thinning, limping and losing its shine and suppleness thereby resulting into inglorious boring hair. All those years of using shampoo, curling or straightening irons, blow dryer, and an unhealthy lifestyle can prove to be debilitating to your tresses that by the age of 45 or more, you are left with nothing but a thinning, limp and dry patch of Rapunzel’s mane.

Home Remedies

Retaining moisture and oil can be hardest throughout the years. But you do not have to fret over your dry, limp, thinning and boring hair. There are still various herbal elements that can help get back its usual luster and strength. Here are great home remedies which you can easily do on your own to maintain the beauty of your crowning glory:

*Hair Strengthening. Rejuvenate and strengthen your hair with herbal remedies such as rosemary, horsetail, grated ginger, coconut, avocado and olive oil. You can easily mix one for your own use and enjoy more efficiency than your usual costly hair treatments.

*Hair Growth. Hair thinning can be embarrassing. A quick concoction of the Pygeum tree bark or ground saw Palmetto, or ginkgo biloba extracts which can also be found in bottled form can help remedy the problem.
* Bring Back The Shine. Oil massage using olive oil, coconut or almond oil heated on low temperature each week will help treat dry, dull boring hair. Egg yolks combined with vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar and olive or wheat germ oil can also do wonders when treating dull hair. Essential oils in aromatherapy as well as honey are also great options to treat lifeless hair.

Hair Style

Come on, just because you’re forty-ish does not mean you can be all frumpy and have the standard hairstyle sported by your local community of retirees. Age is nothing important unless you are cheese (smile). Try to have fun with your hairstyle. Find a great salon nearby or look for an artistic hairstylist who can do wonders to your boring hair style. There is always one in every beauty salon that can make any women feel and look young whether sporting long or short, pixie or dimensional, bob or layered , and so on. There are quite a number of trendy options nowadays that will make older women retain their youth and vibrancy.

Important Considerations
No amount of herbal remedies and hair styling for your boring hair can replace a positive mindset. As one gets older, confidence level seem to dwindle. Look past your imperfections and embrace what you have. Beauty is not always skin-deep. There is no sense crying over dry limp hair. A quick visit to a nearby salon or a quick home service with your favorite hairstylist is all you need to update your look – and, perhaps, get updated with the latest gossip in town.
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