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One of the moments that women dread in their lives is the appearance of greying hair. The common root of graying hair is age. As one ages, hair starts to go gray because the coloring from the melanin reduces gradually. Gray hair may make you look older than your real age. You may feel embarrassed to be seen by friends and families and other people if you have grey hair. Gray hair can prompt women to halt their social lives because of low-self esteem and lack of confidence. Emotional stress, suffering and embarrassment over your hair can bring daily agony. However, some herbal remedies can help slow down or reverse grey hair to bring back your eroded personality.


Get rid of your emotional pain using henna, which is basically crushed up plant leaves. This natural remedy is sold in powder form and it’s free from toxic chemicals. Purchase the right shade for your hair. If you want to be more experimental on the colors, you can order different shades. You can mix the powder with lemon juice or water to create mud that has a consistency of cake frosting. Before application, let the dye release from the henna by allowing it to sit for at least 12 hours while covered. The new color on your hair may deepen after a few days.

Black tea

To color your greying hair, you can opt for black tea treatment. Boil a strong cup of tea without milk or sugar. You can add a table spoon of salt before it cools down. When the tea cools at the room temperature, strain it and massage it in your head. After an hour, rinse the hair with plain cold water.

Curry leaves

Using curry leaves can also help alleviate the greying hair problem. You can use the leaves as spicy condiment or boil in coconut oil. Boiling in coconut oil provides an excellent hair tonic since coconut oil offers additional benefits to the hair as well. You may also squeeze the juice into buttermilk.

Sage water

Boil a small bunch of sage leaves in water for half an hour and let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours. Apply the cool liquid throughout the greying hair and allow it to dry. Shampoo your hair once it dries.

Quick tips:

Wash hair thoroughly before and after applying any treatment
Do a patch test before applying treatment to the whole head
Maintain the desired shade regularly for consistency in hair color.

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