Hair Coloring

Hair coloring, as the name suggested, means changing your hair from one color to another. The top reasons people do so is because, they want to cover gray spots, change their hair to a color that’s more fashionable or change back it to its original color. There are four different types of hair coloring: Temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. People mainly use temporary hair coloring if they need the change to last only for a special occasion, like Halloween, for example. It very easy to get rid of. The color can be washed out through one session of shampoo. Semi-permanent hair coloring is a little tougher to take off. But, usually, it will be gone after 4 to 5 sessions of hair wash. Thirdly, the demi-permanent one takes about 20 to 28 sessions of shampooing to take away. Lastly, permanent hair coloring, does not come out at all. So, do not get it unless you are 100% sure of your choice.

If you don’t want to change you hair color completely, you can always give hair highlighting a consideration. It changes, the color strands of the hair, to a lighter (lowlights) or darker version, in different sizes. I know it may sound weird, but if done by a professional, it will come out very stylish. I am sure you’ve encountered people with it everyday on the streeta. It’s even common among celebrities. Ever watched a music video of the famous R&B singer, Rihanna? Take a close look at her hair. Notice how the color of small lines of her hair here and there doesn’t match up with the rest. Yep, that’s hair highlighting. Last advice is, hair highlighting can mess up your look if it didn’t get done right. So, it’s best if you go to a salon to get it done so someone with experience handles it for you.

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Category : Hair Posted on April 22, 2020

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