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written by: Meena Shah

Having a dry flaky scalp is not exactly beautiful to have. Dry flaky hair can tend to be quite hard to brush and not exactly pretty to look at. Once the scalp becomes dry, dandruff can grow and will make your hair harder to manage. There are, however, several remedies you can utilize to get rid of that flaky scalp. We understand how ugly your hair can get when the flaky dandruffs just fall off your head.

Get rid of dry flaky scalp today

– Baby oil

Take some baby oil in your hands and rub it all throughout your hair. You can rub it in your hair and throughout your strands, but try to rub it mainly on your scalp. Try to dig the baby oil into your scalp really well. Baby oil is known for softening up the skin, and the flaky scalp you are experiencing can be fixed through the power of baby oil. Placing this on your head several times during the day can be the ultimate best way to help your hair with its flaky scalp. You can just leave the oil on, so there is no need to wash it off.

– Stay away from hot water

Hot water is bad for the scalp. Showering with slightly lukewarm temperature is better. It is the same thing with blow dryers. Let your hair dry our naturally. Hot water and blowdrying your hair can tend to be a bit harsh on the scalp, so try to go with colder water and letting your hair dry just by using your towel.

– Jojoba oil

Simply take one or two ounces of this oil. Put around one, two, or three drops of pure tea tree oil. Place it on your head for about an hour before going into the shower and shampooing. This can give miraculous results. Jojoba oil when combined with the pure tea tree oil may be your one stop shop for good results.

– Little Shampoo

Try showering with less shampoo. Too much shampoo on your scalp that never is completely washed off can turn into dandruff on your head. Just the right amount of shampoo is what you need. Using a conditioner is very helpful to avoid the flakes and for moisturizing.

The above techniques are all powerful remedies to use. Your life can change drastically when you actually decide to use them and be consistent on keeping your hair moisturized.

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written by: Meena Shah

One of the moments that women dread in their lives is the appearance of greying hair. The common root of graying hair is age. As one ages, hair starts to go gray because the coloring from the melanin reduces gradually. Gray hair may make you look older than your real age. You may feel embarrassed to be seen by friends and families and other people if you have grey hair. Gray hair can prompt women to halt their social lives because of low-self esteem and lack of confidence. Emotional stress, suffering and embarrassment over your hair can bring daily agony. However, some herbal remedies can help slow down or reverse grey hair to bring back your eroded personality.


Get rid of your emotional pain using henna, which is basically crushed up plant leaves. This natural remedy is sold in powder form and it’s free from toxic chemicals. Purchase the right shade for your hair. If you want to be more experimental on the colors, you can order different shades. You can mix the powder with lemon juice or water to create mud that has a consistency of cake frosting. Before application, let the dye release from the henna by allowing it to sit for at least 12 hours while covered. The new color on your hair may deepen after a few days.

Black tea

To color your greying hair, you can opt for black tea treatment. Boil a strong cup of tea without milk or sugar. You can add a table spoon of salt before it cools down. When the tea cools at the room temperature, strain it and massage it in your head. After an hour, rinse the hair with plain cold water.

Curry leaves

Using curry leaves can also help alleviate the greying hair problem. You can use the leaves as spicy condiment or boil in coconut oil. Boiling in coconut oil provides an excellent hair tonic since coconut oil offers additional benefits to the hair as well. You may also squeeze the juice into buttermilk.

Sage water

Boil a small bunch of sage leaves in water for half an hour and let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours. Apply the cool liquid throughout the greying hair and allow it to dry. Shampoo your hair once it dries.

Quick tips:

Wash hair thoroughly before and after applying any treatment
Do a patch test before applying treatment to the whole head
Maintain the desired shade regularly for consistency in hair color.

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written by: Meena Shah

Humid weather can really damage the hair and cause it to appear frizzy, in turn really lowering your confidence. Achieving naturally smooth and silky hair even during the hottest weather can be done with the help of simple natural treatments that can be done at home. Almost every girl suffers from frizzy hair, and it can really take over your entire appearance making you feel exactly how it looks, quite hideous. Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do to keep your hair from frizzing up.

Tips On How To Deal With Frizzy Hair

– Apple Cider Vinegar

Considering the fact that apple cider vinegar is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, applying it to your hair can help ease the frizz. Apple cider vinegar contains natural acids that helps to tame your frizzy hair. The best part to this frizz treatment is the fact that it not only eliminates frizz, but it also helps to create a natural shine to each strand. It is a very quick and easy treatment that can be done by anyone in the comfort of their own home.

– Coconut Oil Or Milk

Coconut oils or milk is one of the most effective natural conditioners, which explains why it is inside of many hair care products. Coconut oil smoothes out the hair and helps to de-frizz the hair because it eliminates the dryness from the hair. Frizzy hair is caused by the hair lacking moisture, and by applying coconut oil or milk to your hair, you can help treat the dryness while at the same time creating create a more healthy appearance and texture.

– Avocado Oils

Avocado is rich with natural moisturizing properties that helps to thoroughly de-frizz the hair from any dryness. Hair products that contain avocado oils are considered to be very helpful when it comes to treating frizz. To create an avocado hair mask, simply smash a full avocado with coconut milk and apply it directly to your hair. Keep the hair mask on for about 10 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Do not wash your hair with hot water because it can actually worsen the frizziness of your hair because it dries the hair.

By adding the elements above to your daily haircare regimen, you will then be able to stay away from frizzy hair. When you follow an effective haircare regimen, you won’t have to worry about your hair drying up so easily. Plus, it will also increase the natural health of your hair.

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How To Get Rid Of Dull Hair

written by: Meena Shah

Dull hair with no volume or beauty can look really bad. If your hair is really dry, you probably don’t like how it never looks shiny or vibrant. Having good looking hair is not easy, but it can be done with no problem. Dull hair can turn into flaky hair and get even more dry if not taken cared of.

Ways to repair dry hair

– Care for your hair

Make sure to lather together your shampoo in your hair using your fingertips and not your nails. Using your fingernails to scratch throughout your scalp is just not that good for you to do.

– Overnight conditioners

Using a conditioner made specifically for the shower is good, but it is a good idea to have an overnight conditioner if you have really dry hair. You place the conditioner in your hair for the night. It is completely fine to have it on your head even while you are sleeping.

– Brush Less After Your Shower

Brushing your hair too much is not good for the hair. Instead, try to use jut a regular comb since it is less harsh on your hair.

– Honey and oil

Take some regular vegetable oil and combine it with some honey. When you mix them together, it will create a paste like substance. Apply it all throughout your hair and leave it there for around 20 minutes at its longest, and then rinse it off in the shower by using your regular shampoo. You can place a shower cap on it during the 20 minutes.

– Eggs

Take some egg whites and put them in a bowl with three tablespoons of wate. Apply it all throughout your hair, and then let it set for 30 minutes. Wash it off with shampoo. This remedy is one of the best based on those who have been using it for several months consistently. Eggs have that right amount of ingredients that can help you out with the overall texture of your hair. Doing this twice a week is a good idea.

Dry hair is just not beautiful. It can turn into frizzy hair later one. The techniques above have all been tried, tested, and true. They are all proven to work as long as you use just one or two remedies consistently daily. You will surely overcome your dry hair in no time. Just be sure to mainly use the eggs since they work miraculously for your hair.

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How To Create The Perfect Sparse Eyebrow

written by: Meena Shah

Women who neglect to fill in their eyebrows can actually look up to 10 years older and that can really take a toil on your confidence. There is a saying that having thick and full brows can make you look 10 years younger, but this however can only work when done correctly. Many women who try to create a sparse eyebrow and fail windup feeling a sense of failure are many tips you can implement to make the entire process so much easier. Since your eyebrows crowns your face, it is vital to always fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil.

Tips On Creating The Perfect Sparse Eyebrow

– Use The Right Eyebrow Pencil

Choosing the right eyebrow pencil is crucial in order to make your brows appear natural and not drawn in. If you have dark hair, simply buy an eyebrow pencil that is three shades lighter than your hair color. If you have blonde hair, then purchase an eyebrow pencil that is three shades darker than your hair color. Using the right eyebrow shade is vital in order to have the brows appear natural.

– Apply The Pencil On In A Streak Motion

The second tip you should keep in mind is to correctly apply the eyebrow pencil in the right streak of motion. Some women tend to apply their eyebrow pencil with a strong hand and the wrong motion. Simply apply the brows in a streaking motion following the direction of your brows. When you apply the eyebrow pencil in a line motion, not only will it look fake, but it will also stand out from your makeup look in a totally negative way.

Do’s And Don’ts To Creating A Sparse Eyebrow

Don’t put too much pressure on your hand when applying eyebrow pencil to your eyebrows.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows too much because it can be quite difficult to make them appear full and thick. Remember the more full your brows are the better.

Do use a guide if you are unsure how you want your brows to be shaped.

Do brush your brows before applying eyebrow pencil so they are even and clean.

Do not worry about having super even brows. Remember that your brows should look just like sisters and not identical twins.

Do apply eyebrow pencil to the weaker brow you’re not so comfortable drawing eyebrow pencil on. This way, you can have the other appear more like it.

By implementing the easy to follow advice above, you will then be able to achieve a natural sparse eyebrow. The entire process can be much easier when you finally know exactly what and what not to do.

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