Men – Spa

Service Name Time Price Book Now
Men - Full Perm Approx. 150mins $195.00 Book Now
Men - Partial Perm Approx. 90mins $175.00 Book Now
Men - Facial skin Treatment Approx. 40mins $75.00 Book Now
Men - Chair Massage shoulders, Back 25min. Approx. 25mins $55.00 Book Now
Men - Manicure Approx. 25mins $35.00 Book Now
Men - scalp treatment & Massage 15 min. Approx. 30mins $25.00 Book Now

Adding curls or waves to your hair which last 5-6 months. this service takes about 2 to 3 hours, First we shampoo then, we curl your hair into Bendi rods or perm rods, then we Apply Perm Solution, wait for 20 min. to process then Rinse , Apply Neutriizer and Rinse a few times,then you are done. you have to wait 48 after the service to shampoo again.

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